Mother Remedies Vs The GP: The Road To Having Happy And Healthy Babies

Modern Mommy: How To Have Happy and Healthy Children

By Beatrice J.

As mothers we love our children dearly. We give birth to them, we soothe them, we feed them, and we nurture them with everything possible to ensure they don’t want for anything. I know that being a first time mom can be a very daunting and overwhelming experience. We worry about everything. Did we bath them at the right temperature? Are they dressed warmly/cool enough for the weather experienced? Did they feed enough? With all these natural worries, it seems even more impossible not to worry when we experience that our babies are ill.

I was one of the lucky moms. The most severe my baby boy fell ill was when he contracted chicken pox at the age of 2. Even then I didn’t know what to do and I was too scared to take him to a doctor. How would I know what sort of medicine it is and is it really healthy for my baby? Sometimes we forget that these are doctors with qualifications and that they should know what to prescribe, but because it is YOUR baby and you have heard about the one or two unfortunate events where the wrong diagnosis was made on a baby; you prefer to forego your GP.

So, what is the alternative to a GP if you experience minor ailments with your baby?

Chickenpox is an infectious disease which is not just restricted to childrenIt can be given to you as an adult by your baby, but an adult with chicken pox is called “having the shingles”. The first sign to look out for with chicken pox in your baby is a raised temperature. Your baby may also appear to be “limp”, or just more reserved. A day later the spots will appear so if you read this blog and you see your baby with spots after the first signs, do not panic! In the starting phase of chicken pox many people say it is a toss-up between chicken pox and measles, as both start with spots. With chicken pox, it will quickly develop blisters containing a clear liquid (this will be your most infectious stage, as the fluid contains the virus that can transmit to other humans). After a few days the blisters will dry up and scabs will form which will later drop off.

There are a few essential oils that are excellent for the treatment of chicken pox. One of the best is Tea Tree oil. Add 10 drops to 100 ml water (or still Rosewater if you have some at hand) and shake. Dab it onto the spots very gently; remember you do not want to break the blister. Adding the oil onto your baby’s skin will help to soothe the itching.

Give your baby plenty of fluids and sponge with tepid water if his/her temperature seems too high. An alternative to use for the soothing of itchy skin is to apply a little Aloe Vera gel, which will also help to heal the blisters.

Colic in babies and infants is usually a sign of trapped wind (gas), but it is a problem that seems to affect bottle-fed babies more than breast-fed babies, although colic can be noticed even in babies who are breastfed due to mother’s who drink a lot of cows’ milk.

Chamomile is a favourite tried and tested remedy for colic experienced by babies. For children who have got colic after over-eating or eating food that is too rich, Nux vomica can be helpful. Where babies are breast-feeding and having problems with colic, it could be easier for mommies to drink herbal tea which will then work through into the milk. Some of the most effective herbs are Dill, Fennel and Aniseed. As a mommy you can have more than two cups a day. It will not harm your baby in any way.

6 degrees love

6 degrees love

Nappy rash is simply a skin irritation around your baby’s bottom when urine and/or loose stool were in contact with his/her skin for too long. Small, red pimples develop which can break open and blister. Try to keep the area as dry as possible. You can use a little talcum powder with powdered Marigold. It has a very soothing and anti-inflammatory effect.  A little Aloe Vera gel or Vitamin E cream can also be soothing and healing. If you are still breast-feeding, it is helpful for you to avoid strongly spiced foods, citrus juices, coffee or alcohol to try to reduce the irritation of your baby’s urine.

Sleeplessness in children is normally due to over-stimulation or possible anxiety. There may also be pain such as from teething that can prevent your baby to get to sleep.  A tissue with a drop of Lavender oil on it can be tucked under your baby’s pillow to create a calming effect.

The pain from teething can make babies very fretful. The best classic is Chamomile. Use one drop of Chamomile oil in 5 ml (1 tsp) of carrier oil and gently massage into one or both of your baby’s cheeks. You can alternatively use it as a warm compress held over the affected cheek.

I have touched on just some of the most experienced common ailments our babies may get. There are so many others which can be treated with home remedies. However, my dearest Mommies, you have to remember that; if the symptoms of any of the ailments I have mentioned above or ANY OTHER AILMENT persists for more than a few days, it would be to you and your baby’s advantage to seek professional advice. If your own remedies no longer work, a healthcare professional can help your baby to be his/her cute and cuddly self again in no time.

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Planning your wedding in Nottingham

Nottingham is one of the most popular places to visit in the UK, and is also emerging as a favourite
wedding location. There are many popular cultural attractions, as well as a large number of
churches. A good knowledge of why Nottingham is a good option, as well as what’s available here,
will make planning a brilliant wedding easier. Kim Kardashian wedding dress: Most famous designers, abiti da sposa pronovias :ecco le proposte degli stilisti più famosi.

Why Choose Nottingham?

plan a wedding in NottinghamNottingham, closely associated with the Robin Hood legend and close to Nottingham Castle and
Sherwood Forest, is on many peoples’ lists of favourite places to get married in. It is so pleasant to work with experts. Check out this page to find out more regarding Photo Booth Hire Leeds.  From lovely
medieval Anglican and Catholic churches to outdoor areas, there is no lack of great places to choose
from. Civil authorities often offer options for enhanced weddings around Valentine’s Day, a great
incentive for those without a formal religious affiliation. The convenient location, combined with
the excellent choice of venues, ensures that this will be a memorable day for all.

What Venues are Available?

One of the best things about Nottingham is the choice of both sacred and secular venues. No matter
whether you prefer separate sites for the ceremony and reception, or a place ideal for both, there are
several excellent choices.

Carriage Hall is one of the most popular choices by far, with a restored historic hall and fine
attention to every detail. For an outdoor setting, consider The Walled Garden at Beeston Fields, with
some of the most colourful floral displays in Britain. The Lakeside Tower, a former pumping station
in Victorian times, offers a more unusual, yet elegant experience.

How to Get to Nottingham

In case you’re interested in knowing more info on cheap engagement rings, stop by You’ll find that Nottingham is quite accessible from many areas of the United Kingdom. The love in Nottingham
location is in the central part of England, in the East Midlands. It is north of London, and easily
accessible by way of either A543 or M1. Rail and airline connections from London are also offered.
Dependable bus and rail service is also available from many larger cities in the UK.

Interesting Ideas

The ideas available to you for your wedding are limited only to your imagination. Consider a
medieval-themed wedding, complete with a feast that includes a catered hog roast in Nottingham.
The outdoor venues in the area provide a perfect backdrop for this sort of celebration.

Consider one of the area’s charming older pubs for a reception. This is a great choice for more
casual weddings. Everyone can have their favourite drinks and get some good food, so it is a
winning situation.

Consider booking a local folk or Celtic group for your reception. Most of your guests will enjoy the
live music and opportunity to dance. This is a great way to ensure that guests of all ages enjoy

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Find to Get the Perfect Ring to Brides and Grooms

Brides and grooms envisioning their future together often try to find the perfect ring to symbolize their commitment to each other. If you and your betrothed are one of those couples, you might have your heart set on a vintage style ring. Exploring the online store of shops like for vintage style estate rings might be the perfect path for you to follow in your search.

You will find many different estate rings in the vintage style with reputable sellers. You might be wondering what the term “estate” means, and in this case, it means that the vintage jewelry you look at has been previously owned. Most times the vintage jewelry has been part of the estate of someone who is now deceased and had no one to whom they could bestow their jewelry. In other situations, the previous owner simply might have decided that they wanted to sell a particular piece.

These vintage estate pieces are not necessarily old or even family heirlooms. As a matter of fact, they are often new and brilliant with a modern twist on the vintage style.

This type of jewelry opens up a whole new range of possibilities for future grooms looking for something exquisite and unique in vintage engagement rings, as well as anniversary rings and rings for any special occasion. Looking for something from an estate can yield a ring that is one-of-a-kind that the recipient will treasure, especially if the current trends do not impress either one of you.

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Tips on Planning a Destination Wedding Of Your Dreams

All inclusive destination-weddingsInspired by celebrity weddings in exotic locations, an increasing number of young couples are opting to get hitched in a similar way far from home. Destination wedding, as it has come be known, offers the bride and groom the opportunity to take their marital vows in unusual and memorable ways in a romantic getaway. At the same time, it offers their families and guests the opportunity to take a break from the rigors of daily life and enjoy an impromptu holiday. If you are planning such a wedding for yourself, then here are some useful tips:

  • Find the perfect location: Location is very important for a wedding because it determines the theme, mood, music and food. Choose a place that you both like or have always wanted to visit. If you have never been there before, take a tour to make sure that it is the right place. But don’t make it so far that it will be a financial burden on your guests (unless you are footing the airfare and hotel bills) and don’t make it so near that the whole idea becomes meaningless.  
  • Choose the right season: Weather largely determines the ambience of your wedding, and it is especially true for a destination wedding. Once you have chosen the place, find out which is the best season to get married there. Choose a season that will have the perfect weather for your wedding. If you are getting married in the summer, then choose a place that will have perfect weather in the summer.  
  • Research the local laws: Every country has its own legal system that governs every aspect of life, including marriage. You can’t just zoom in and get marriage. There are certain processes and formalities that you must fulfill. There may be a residency requirement, which means that you have to be in the country for a certain number of days, ranging from 1 to 40, before you can get legally married. So research the local laws carefully.  
  • Calculate the costs: Getting married in a foreign setting away from home can be either cheaper than or more expensive than getting married at home. Air tickets, hotel bills and other expenses can increase the costs. You can balance that by decreasing the number of guests (many of who probably won’t be able to make it anyway). So sit down and calculate the costs carefully, taking into account every little expense. Set aside some money for unexpected expenses.  
  • Send invitations in advance: You are getting married in a far off location and your guests need time to prepare such as take time off work, save and make travel arrangements. Therefore, send out your invitations in advance. Give your guests at least six months to prepare for your wedding. This way, everyone who matters to you will be able to come to your wedding.  

Planning well in advance is a great way to start, but with so much to do in a limited time frame, your travel itinerary can get ignored until the last moment. In order to make sure that everything goes smoothly, get your air tickets and tour package from an experienced and reliable tour operator. If you need help to plan your all inclusive destination wedding, then hire a reputable wedding planner.

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Inexpensive Wedding Dresses: How To Choose The Gown Of Your Dreams

Cheap Wedding Dresses: How To Find The Perfect Bridal Gown For You

The wedding dress has to be the one you have always dreamed of. You should choose it according to your own style; romantic, originality, classic or retro.

As you can see, on this blog you can find many different models of gowns, I’m sure you’ll be satisfied.

There are so many ideas for you! You can find any kind of wedding dress you want.  You will find everything from simple and elegant, or very creative and particular dresses. We have suggestions for brides who love every type of wedding dress from traditional, modern, to out of the ordinary.

The chosen wedding dress is your identity, so you should choose it carefully.

The dress should be chosen in relation to:

1) The personality of the bride;

2) The physical characteristics of the bride: the gown has to underline the quality of your body! It has to highlight your beauty and your sensuality.

Only taking care of these basic principles the dress will make your wedding the best day of your life.

One of the suggestions I want to give you is to browse the great, cheap ideas you can find on this blog: You’ll get a general idea of the styles, colors and lengths you can choose from.

In relation to the choice of the dress, we must first note that, for each silhouette you need a specific model. You have to follow these very simple rules:

The dress should enhance the figure of the bride: for this reason, if you’re a thin woman you can freely choose a dress with big sleeves, beautiful but not too long of a veil. If you need to look thinner you’ll prefer a soft and light dress. For the woman with evident hips, you may want to opt for dresses which do not underline the waist. If you’re tall you can easily choose a skirt, which underlines your waist.

For thin women, we recommend instead flowing lines and long sleeves, also veiled, not to highlight thin arms.

For wide hips and pronounced abdomen an excellent solution is the “Empire Style”, which is “cut” under the breast and slightly widens down towards the bottom.
If you’re stout and tall, it is preferable to choose a soft design for your wedding dress. This way you’ll hide a wide waist.

For a very tall bride, finally, a close-fitting bodice with a vaporous skirt: this kind of dress will “break” your silhouette in the right way.

If your shoulders are wide and you can count on a generous breast, you can choose a low-necked dress.

The figure-hugging, enhances a slender figure, because it emphasizes the curves of the body, is a sexy choice. A close-fitting wedding dress underlines all your qualities and it’s very sexy.

Another important tip is to give attention to the back of your dress. Usually the brides don’t give much attention to this detail. But during the ceremony this is the side which will be longer exposed to parents and friends. For this reason it’s a good idea to choose a dress that can enhance a particularly nice back!

Before choosing a dress we suggest you to take your time and consider many different styles, colors, and of course prices! It’s not so difficult to find some inexpensive and beautiful wedding dresses on the internet.

Before you begin your important research you should browse different magazines and internet ideas to get a general idea about the kind of dress you want. This way your research will become more specific and simple.

It ‘good to clarify that many times the more admired, photographed and commented dress is not the one which actually shows the best qualities of the bride and make you beautiful! Therefore, take all the time you need to explore ideas and different colors and designs.

At this point, I’m confident that you’ll be able to carefully select a wedding dress with precious fabric, without too evident stitching.  You can find a bright and sexy dress, with a gorgeous neckline.

Once acquired a specific idea about the model, take someone with you: choose a dear and fashion friend and start wearing all the wedding dresses you like.

Any way you can choose between a lot of special promotions and ideas on the web. Many internet stores have a large variety of choice. This way you’ll be able to easily find a perfect solution for you.

cheap wedding dresses inexpensive bridal gowns

cheap wedding dresses inexpensive bridal gowns

Your inexpensive bridal gown must have these qualities:

1) It must underline your body in a good way;

2) It has to be appropriate for the style of the ceremony you want to organize;

3) You have to like it a lot!! Of course!

Always pay particular attention when you purchase it: you’d better check that everything is ok: the length of the hem, the width of the sleeves, the size of the bodice (which must perfectly adhere to the body of the bride), the length of the veil and everything else. Everything has to make your beauty shine!

Remember this; this will be a very important day. You have to feel great every single second of this long day. And it’s better you feel comfortable too (believe me; this is very important for your mood!).


The prices are highly variable, dependent on the brand, the fabric, accessories and model. You have so much information on the internet, and you can easily find some beautiful, amazing wedding dresses without problems.

Little tricks to remember:

Once you choose your wedding gown, ask a friend to take a picture and show it to the hairdresser and makeup artist so that they can easily adapt hairstyle and makeup.

If you usually suffer for headaches, I recommend you to bring a pair of pills to be kept in a small box.

Swollen feet: I recommend you to bring a cooling spray with you, putting it into a smaller vaporizer.

Handkerchiefs: don’t forget to bring with you some handkerchiefs, to face all the tears of joy and emotions that wait for you!

Bad breath: sometimes emotions can play nasty tricks on the bride: for this reason I suggest you to bring a package of mints in a small package.

If you do not want to carry a bag … Ask your best friend to bring all these things for you!

At this point, you just have to wait for the big day when, in front of your mother, sister and best friend you’ll finally wear the dress you want!

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Child And Children CareTips For Mothers

How To Create Your Very Own Healthy, Happy Baby

By Beatrice J

Being a first-time mother can be overwhelming. New born babies seem so fragile, you feel clumsy by just looking at them. I was scared of picking up my baby boy because I thought I would break him. Everything is just so small: from their little toes to the tip of their wrinkled little nose.

The question is: How do we keep them healthy? How can we as mothers try to reduce their risk of contracting infections?

Simple things you can remember to do every time you handle your baby, is to wash your hands before you pick them up. Your baby’s immune system is not yet fully developed. If you played with your pet before you pick up your baby and you did not wash your hands, you can carry over a potentially dangerous virus to your baby.

When you pick your baby up, you have to support his/her neck and head. The muscles needed to support their heads are not yet developed and it may seem as if your baby’s head is a bit “floppy”. You have to cradle their heads in the palm of your hands to offer that missing natural support.

Your brand new baby is not developed for rough play. They cannot be thrown in the air or jiggled on your knees. They are indeed very fragile little humans that need constant protection and nurturing. Be very careful not to shake your baby, as it could cause bleeding in your baby’s brain with dire consequences. If you want to wake your baby from a nap, rather tickle his/her feet lightly with your fingertips or blow gently over their angelic little faces.

Before your baby is born, you most probably already decided whether you will raise your baby on cloth or disposable diapers. (I remember I was very keen on using cloth diapers, although I quickly changed my mind and went with disposable diapers instead). It does not matter what diapers you use, the important thing to do is to change your baby’s diaper regularly. Remember to clean your baby’s bottom with either mild soap and water, or a baby wipe. Apply baby barrier cream to minimise the chances of your baby developing a diaper rash. It is not unheard of for Mommies to let their babies go without a diaper for a period of time (a couple of hours if they are new born or even up to 12 hours if they are older). It lets your baby’s skin breathe and allows for time to heal any minor rashes.

The first time I gave my son a bath, he did not stop crying. I was crying, he was crying and we both ended up being in a state. I quickly learned that I have to relax when it is bath time. Babies react to your state of mind, whether it is positive or negative. When bath time has arrived, soothingly talk to your baby for reassurance. Place him/her in the water very gently (a bath stool made of mesh is very handy for first time mothers who are afraid they might drop their babies in the water). Throughout the process, you have to pour water over his/her body to prevent them from getting cold. Never stop talking to him/her in a gentle voice. You will soon find that bath time can be a very enjoyable experience for both you and your baby.

how to have healthy happy children

how to have healthy happy children

Your new born baby will need feedings at intervals of 2-3 hours. If you have decided you want to breast-feed your baby, it is preferable for your baby to suckle for about 15 minutes at each breast. I was in the unfortunate position of not being able to breastfeed my son and had to depend on formula feeds. If you are feeding your baby by means of formula, ensure that your baby takes between 60-90 millilitres. This amount at each feeding is sufficient for healthy growing babies. Not all babies are the same though, and you will have to learn to identify your baby’s needs and adapt accordingly. Very important to remember is that your baby needs to be winded after each feeding. By burping your baby you will release the air he/she may have swallowed during a feed and prevent them from having unnecessary stomach cramps.

The ultimate key to having a very happy and healthy baby, is bonding. Have you heard the saying that nobody can break the bond between a mother and her child? That is because we mothers use various techniques to be close to our babies. We lay them down on our chests while they are sleeping so that they can hear our heartbeats. We whisper words of love and encouragement into their tiny ears, even though they still do not understand a word of it. We sing sweet lullabies to them. We swaddle them to look like little cocoons and cradle them safely in our arms. We love them unconditionally and protect them each time we pick them up, without us even realising it. And our babies love that. They feel safe, secure and relaxed by the sounds of our hearts and voices; even just through our familiar touch.

Although you may initially feel anxious and clumsy with your new baby, you will soon get to know his/her unique demands. You can develop your own routine and finally feel as if you have been a parent all your life; a real professional Mommy!

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Be a Mother: Dress for Success?

How To Be A Fashion Mother: Fashion Dresses

By Beatrice J.

When we are little girls, our clothes get laid out every day on our beds by our Mommies. When we go to a school with a prescribed uniform, which is what we have to wear; no deviation. As we get older, we want to wear clothes that looks gorgeous and makes us feel equally so, but it is not always acceptable by our parents (that skirt barely covers you!). When we get married and have babies, other females want to prescribe to us what we should wear as “mothers”. But is it really that simple?

Yes, I get it. In a perfect world women would be able to wear anything they wanted to wear and nothing would be said about it. But why can’t it be now? Why can a man wear his speedo on the beach? Ok, so people laugh at him, but nobody goes up to him and say: “You know what Mr Speedo, that is really not appropriate clothing to wear.”

Let’s get to the topic that makes me fume. What makes me different in the clothing category than other woman? I am a mother. But does that automatically place me in the category of “prim and proper”? And do I need to dress accordingly? What should I wear? High collared shirts that covers my neck all the way to the chin, some straight leg tailored pants and nice matching flat shoes? Somehow that reminds me of Bree from “Desperate Housewives”. No offence to Bree: I think she is lovely and the clothes she wears may be comfortable to her. But that is just it. The key word being “comfortable”.

I believe that, no matter what age you are, no matter whether you are a Mommy or not, you should be able to wear whatever clothing you feel COMFORTABLE in. And if that means one of the Mommy’s out there is pushing her baby in a stroller wearing a Kick-out dress and high heeled shoes, then so be it. Who am I to judge?

My favourite clothing is pajamas, sweat pants or jeans; that doesn’t mean I don’t like to dress up once in a while. But even on that once in a while night, I worry about what other woman will say about my clothes. When did it become acceptable for society to judge and dictate the clothes that we wear?

dress for mothers fashion tips

dress for mothers fashion tips

Another question on which I have heard numerous arguments on: Should you dress differently as you get older…what on earth does that mean? Does it mean I am now close to hitting 40, I cannot wear my jeans anymore? Is it required to go to the polyester shop and buy the day-suits for older women? And again, I think the answer is NO. It still remains a matter of comfort.

Yes, I don’t think it would be appropriate for me at my age to wear what the 18-year olds are wearing. I am sure I would look a show, but there is so many other modern clothing available that looks really great on every woman. Why should you NOT wear it? I may not feel confident or comfortable to wear the younger generation clothing lines, but that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t if you can visibly pull it off and still feel comfortable.

My fellow creators of tiny human lives, the next time you go for a night on the town with your husband/fiancé/partner and you ask him whether the dress you are wearing is acceptable…he shouldn’t say anything else other than: “Do you feel comfortable wearing it, honey”? THAT is the true question. Nothing else matters.

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